Excellence Cluster Climate, Climatic Change, and Society (CliCCS)

CLiCCS graphic earth globe with zoom on North and Baltic Sea

(Graphic: Kai Logemann / HZG)

Which climate futures are possible – and which ones are plausible?

With this interdisciplinary research question, approximately two hundred scientists from fifteen disciplines strive to understand climate changes and come to conclusions about possible and plausible climate futures. Interdisciplinary research topics cover the entire breadth of climate research. CliCCS is coordinated by the Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability (CEN) at the University of Hamburg.

CliCCS Projects Under the Direction of HZG:

  • The “Land-Ocean Transition Zone” project includes studying the carbon and energy cycles in the coastal sea and the coastal sea’s potential for storing CO2. (Lead: Prof Corinna Schrum)
  • In the “Earth System Variability and Predictability in a Changing Climate” project, the question in the foreground is: what roles do small-scale processes and extreme events play in the climate system and how do these processes influence global climate? (Lead: Dr Eduardo Zorita)
  • In the “Sustainable Adaptation Scenarios for Coastal Systems” project, regional aspects are studied in regard to societal climate adaptation. Social science scholars and natural scientists study, for example, coping with extreme events such as floods and storms on small islands and along the coast. (Leads: Prof Kay-Christian Emeis and Prof Beate Ratter).

Furthermore, the scientists at HZG are involved in the following projects: “African and Asian Monsoon Margins” and “Sustainable Adaptation Scenarios for Urban Areas - Water from Four Sides”.

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Prof. Dr. Corinna Schrum

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