Institut für Küstenforschung


Researchers at HZG investigate the complex dynamics of coastal and shelf seas systems. The central goal of our work is to utilize and provide observing power, models, data, analytical techniques and information to understand the dynamics of coastal systems. Enhancing the relevance of our research by serving the information needs for management of this vulnerable landscape is accomplished through active knowledge transfer to stakeholders and the general public. In this category we introduce selected research themes.

The Institute of Coastal Research of HZG focuses explicitly on geophysical and chemical aspects of coastal systems as part of the joint research agenda with biologists of the Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) in the current period of HGF Program Oriented Funding (POF) PACES II. Complementary research portfolios of the two partners facilitate the systems approach to coastal zone science that is embedded in Topic 2 of PACES II: “Fragile Coasts and Shelf Seas”.

Joint research of HZG’s Institute of Coastal Research and HZG’s Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) with AWI in Topic 4 of PACES II “Bridging research and society – products, tools and climate services” explores the interface between scientific data and communication with stakeholders and the public.