Human Dimensions in Coastal Areas



Flyer - Dept. Human Dimensions of Coastal Areas (3,2 MB)


These posters represent different thematic issues of the Department of Human Dimensions of Coastal Areas and have been on display on various national and international events.

Please click the links in order to open the posters (PDF).

B. Gerkensmeier et al.: A Multi-Sector-Partnership in transnational risk management – Challenges for the Wadden Sea Forum (250 KB)D. Süsser/M.Döring: Harvesting energy: People‘s place-based perspective on mitigating climate change with renewable energy technologies (1,4 MB)M. Döring: Social Framing and Coastal Images (2,4 MB)C. Fischer: The Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation − A model for transnational cooperation in MSP and MSFD? (165 KB)A. Kannen: Marine Spatial Planning in the context of multiple sea uses, policy arenas and actors (2,9 MB)K. Philipp/K. Gee: Acceptance of Offshore Wind Farming: A Question of Sea Values? (1,4 MB)D. Siedschlag: The Coast – “Heimat” & Region in Transition (218 KB)D. Süsser/C. de Guttry: Individual and community engagement in dealing with climate change (385 KB)B.Weig/B. Ratter: The Tidal Elbe – people’s perception of the Port of Hamburg (353 KB)